Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bill Whittle does it again!

Andrew Klavan explains liberals...

LOVE this guy!    If you can't figure out liberals, he'll explain it to you.. watch and learn.

So its been a few weeks...

Even though I'm new to blogging, decided to take a short break, but am back for now.  Lots of things going on, so I'll be posting some video clips to catch up, first Glenn Beck taking us on a European tour with Barack O'Bama....  heh.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A warning to America

The following link is a message from Geert Wilders...  don't know who he is?  He's a Dutch politician who has been trying to fight the spread of radical Islam in his home country, at great personal risk and despite death threats and other persecutions.. a brave man, standing up to a society that doesn't understand a fascist political ideology disguised as a religion... read it..

Communists and unions, a match made in hell....

During the weeks of protesting in Wisconsin, the communist party and th socialist worker both supported the union protesters in a big way.   The link between the unions and the commies is undeniable.   Here is a link to some photos from the May 1 march in LA.....  unions marching in solidarity with the coomunists/socialists.  Big surprise....


A documentary exposing the left for who they really are.  I am buying a copy and will update once I see what is in it.   Check out the link for the trailer... that in itself is chilling.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Blogging has been lght this week...  here is a great take on the policies that helped get bin Laden (here's a shocker, they were all vehemently opposed by the left).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And now, some messages from the "Religion of Peace"

Click the links....,7340,L-4064183,00.html

Well.... isn't this interesting.. was Obama overruled by his staff on the bin Laden mission?

Don't know if this is true, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me...   at all.

Excuse me, but the NAVY SEALS got bin Laden, not Obama...

Via the Daily Mail, once again a foreign newspaper bringing up questions the US media refuses to look at.  Obama took 16 HOURS to make the decision re: going after bin Laden?    16 hours of possible leaks and tip-offs?  A chance to escape?   And they savaged Bush for taking 7 minutes to calmly finish reading a book so as not to panic the children on 9-11. 

Obama's "me, me, me" rhetoric is truly nauseating, as if he personally took out bin Laden.    Dude, you continued the policies of Bush, who you criticized while you said you were going to un-do what he had done, then you took 16 hours to decide whether or not to go through with this mission.... while our military did the real work.  The dangerous work.    I give credit for making the right decision but really, who wouldn't have?  And a real leader probably wouldn't have needed 16 hours.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Enjoy your "72 virgins" Bin Laden

What's there to say about the killing of Osama bin Laden?  It's a great victory for our military,  the best military in the world.   He'll have to face God and account for his actions.   Lots of political posturing going on with both sides.  Relief and closure for some 9/11 families.  Probable backlash from the muslim world.  Expectations that we should pull out of Afghanistan.   Proof that waterboarding works.... the first piece of intelligence in the chain that led our troops to bin Laden was gotten that way.   Obama came off as an arrogant jerk in his announcement last night "me, I me, I", but then again, he always does.  Vindication of the Bush military strategy that Obama followed but the leftwing media will give Obama all the credit.  Obama will likely get a bounce in the polls, but will it last?  Look for this to be a prominent feature in next year's election.   Pretty obvious Pakistan was protecting Osama.  

Big question...  lots of cognitive dissonance regarding the "muslim" burial given to this murderer.  We are told that he is an extremist who perverted this peaceful religion, yet we give him a proper burial??  If he wasn't a "true" muslim, why give him a "muslim" burial?  Do we think that muslim "extremists" are going to care that he was given a proper burial??    I do agree that preventing a grave from becoming a shrine was a good idea, though.   Some muslim clerics are saying it wasn't proper anyway.  These people cannot be pleased, ever.  I think Obama owes the public pictures/videos, for closure and to help keep the crazy conspiracy wackos from gaining a foothold.

Ace of Spades has good coverage of events, and does the Jawa Report;   no need to repeat it here..go check it out.

Or look at this: