Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Onion Tells the Truth!

This spoof in the Onion is unintentionally spot-on!  Funny because its true!  Enjoy :)

Letter from Paul Ryan

I'm A Believer (sort of)

I've not been much of a Romney fan.... was going to hold my nose and vote for him as the anti-Obama, but over the past several months, he's slowly won my respect.  Mind you,  he's certainly not perfect and I disagree with Romneycare and his history with guns.  He did a wonderful thing in choosing Ryan as his running mate and he's handled some of the negativity, slings and arrows thrown at him with some real finesse.  He sure as hell is fighting harder than McCain did.   This clip demonstrates how he can think on his feet and turn things back on Obama.  He needs to keep this up.  Also, Ryan debating Biden should be all kinds of awesome! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin has been in the limelight an awful lot the past year or so.....  Badgers went to the Rosebowl,  the Packers had a great run for a while last season and Aaron Rodgers was MVP, as did the Brewers with Ryan Braun as MVP, Miss Wisconsin was crowned Miss America, and the whole Scott Walker/ recall issue.   Hey libs, how did that recall work out for you, anyway?  Scott Walker is a conservative rock star and set the stage for other conservatives to stand their ground.  Heh.  So now, we have a Wisconsinite as the VP nominee on the Republican ticket!  Very exciting, not only because he's "our" guy, but because he is well-versed in economics, has an actual plan that he can articulate very well, and is really likable.  That's why the libs will come out strong attacking him.  He is a real threat.    So...... go Wisconsin once again! 

Paul Ryan, Baby!

LOVE this guy!  He's smart, honest, well-spoken, and unflappable.  He's perfect.  He can speak to the financial issues.  He understands the fiscal reality we face and can talk about it in ways people can understand. And, as a Wisconsinite, he is one of the conservative rock stars we've had emerging the last few years.  Watch Obama's face in this clip; he clearly hates him.  Good reason for that.  Ryan is a threat to Obama and his plan.  One more reason to vote for him.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Life And Times: The Persecution Of The American Church: Are You Re...

The Life And Times: The Persecution Of The American Church: Are You Re...: He makes an incredible point here. You will not be thrown in prison for being a Christ Follower. You will be killed or jailed for being "a h...

This is scary... and true.

The Life And Times: Why Do Liberal Boycotts Always Fail?

The Life And Times: Why Do Liberal Boycotts Always Fail?: * Their boycotts have no nobility or honor to them. They are filled with hate, and rage, which is what they claim to be protesting in the fi...

This is great.  And true.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disagreement is not "hate"

The whole Chick-Fil-A has me flabbergasted, although I shouldn't be after the last several years of  lead-up to this.  Tolerance and diversity apparently don't apply to people who disagree with liberals,  Once again, not a surprise.    It's been obvious for years.  What is scary is that they become bolder and more vocal all the time.  They WILL resort to violence and forcible suppression.  Its not a matter of IF, but WHEN.   It's frightening how they try to silence those who dare cross them.  Chick-Fil-A as a company does not refuse service to anyone or ask the sexual orientation of its customers or employees.  A company executive simply stated his views.  Is this the country we have?  People cannot have freedom of consience or cannot express their religious or politcal views? 

Liberals apparently do not know the difference between disagreement or disapproval and hate.  Not the same thing.  People can disagree with things and even disapprove of things without hating someone.  I can not like what you do without hating you as a person.   The insanity of it all......  

They scream "hate" because they hate.  They scream "intolerance" because they are intolerant.  They want to silence opposition.

Slide into fascism.....