Saturday, July 9, 2011

STOP the unions..

It's not just public employee unions that are a menace, private industry unions are full of corruption, greed, and dirty tactics.   Rules under consideration by the NRLB (which shouldn't even exist) would make it easier for union thugs to organize.  It must stop!

UAW Harassment

"Right to work" WORKS

Wisconsin gets concealed carry!

Scott Walker signs concealed carry into law

Once again, thank you Wisconsin legislature and Governor Walker!  The lefties are shrieking about gun violence and the wild west.  As usual, they are ignoring the facts, such as, CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW!  THEY ALREADY CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS!  Up until now, the ones not carrying have been law abiding citizens.  This levels the playing field, so to speak,  and aren't the lefties always whining about making things fair?  Or does that only apply to taking peoples money away and giving it to others?    Washington DC has strict gun control and one of the highest levels of murder and gun crime ion the nation.  48 other states already have these laws and they have not turned into a shootout at the OK corral.   Yes, Wisconsin has open carry, but people freak out and call the police if they see you carrying one, wasting the time and energy of law enforcement and the law abiding person who is carrying. 

Concealed weapons save lives.....  I have to go buy one that fits in my purse now....

More guns, less crime

51% pay no income tax...

51% of tax units pay no income tax???

This is unbelievably pathetic.   This is what 40 years of "progressive politics" with a brief period of sanity during the Reagan years has brought us.  Neither President Bush was conservative enough, in my opinion.   "The War on Poverty" is a total loss, because all we've done is made generations of people dependent on government handouts.  This insanity must stop!

Trial by public opinion?

I have avoided the whole Casey Anthony trial and haven't followed it closely but in the aftermath, with all the screaming for new laws and heads on a pike, I've had to take a closer look a this.  We've heard all the comparisons to the OJ trial.  It's "obvious" that he was guilty, and Casey Anthony is most likely guilty as well, but the demands for new laws and changes to the system make me pretty uncomfortable.   Both Casey and OJ will have to face judgement for what they did.   Our system IS imperfect, but that is because WE are imperfect.  There are times when people do "get away with murder" but do we want to throw away all our rights,laws, Constitution because of it?  Not me.   Link below to an opinion in American Thinker.  Sums it up pretty well.

Trial by public opinion?

Friday, July 8, 2011

More classless behavior from the left..

Copied  directly from Althouse (since my linkies aren't working)

The newest Wisconsin protest jackassery: a "flotilla" disrupts Tonette Walker's lakeside garden party.

Jessica Opoien reports:
After learning that Wisconsin's first lady Tonette Walker would host a garden party on Saturday, July 2, a group of nearly a dozen people formed a flotilla that set sail to the shore of Lake Mendota off the governor's Maple Bluff executive residence.

... The flotilla consisted of two kayaks, two canoes and a paddleboat.

"Saturday was kind of a test drive," [Arthur] Kohl-Riggs says. He has since created a Facebook event called "A Summer Full of #wiflotilla" to organize future lake shore protests. Flotilla protesters are also organizing with the Twitter hashtag #wiflotilla.

He would like to see a more consistent presence on Lake Mendota and is in the process of trying to schedule a weekly flotilla. He also hopes people will start flotilla protests in their hometowns throughout the state. Social media will play a significant role in organizing and publicizing the events.
Do you think social media might play a significant role in teaching the social graces? Why would you harass a politician's wife in her backyard? And brag about it? And envision a burgeoning movement of like-minded louts... in boats?

You know we're always struggling with runoff into Lake Mendota. Must the politics drain into there too?
"Wisconsin has a lot of waterways," Kohl-Riggs says. "We're trying to let Walker and his administration know that there's an active resistance to him on every waterway in the state."
You know we have a big problem with invasive species in the Wisconsin rivers and lacks. Let's not introduce homo politicus.

IN THE COMMENTS: Robert G. said"
I was at my parents' house in Madison this weekend and got to witness this first hand! In fact, I also used the term "jackasses" in my tweet I posted at the time ( The article doesn't mention the first round when it was just one motorboat and they were using a loudspeaker to chant "recall Walker" and such. That lasted about an hour, then they left and about an hour later this goofy flotilla arrived. At one point one of the Governor's lakeside neighbors got in her canoe and joined the flotilla.

Seriously, people, give it up, have some class, and move on with your life. 

Unions lose, children win. Thank you Scott Walker.. oh, and unions? Bite me.

Well, well, well.....  the new budget measure took effect in Wisconsin last week, and the sky hasn't fallen yet.  Schools are actually able to save money by opting out of WEA insurance and can apply more funds to actual educational expenses.   The unions, however, are losing money because employees, such as myself, can opt out of the union now and dues are not automatically taken from our checks.  We get inflammatory, hysterical emails and snail mail from the unions.   They are desperate to hold on to their power.  As for me, I couldn't be happier! 

From the Washington Examiner:

Opting out of WEA insurance saves big!

Teachers have to work 8 hours?? Oh, the humanity!

Other states are noticing and hoping to follow suit.

And from a school district in Marshfield:
"Given the cost savings with health insurance and the turnover with staff and new hires, we will be able to preserve our programs and come up with a balanced budget," said Peg Geegan, the district's director of instruction who will assume the superintendent's position Aug. 1. The district will save $850,000 by switching health insurance carriers...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Obama thinks he is above the law... or ethics, at the minimum

According to reports, Obama is still funneling money to Acorn despite the fact that they should not be getting any funding.

Acorn still getting federal money?

And he films fundraising videos in the White House...

White House fundraisers

And more.....

Unseemly but legal?

This man is a menace.

Here is a post from Powerline about Obama's lawlessness.

Lawless Obama

And these people probably vote...

......most likely for Democrats.  This is what the teacher's unions, federal government interference, and a preoccupation with social engineering  have done to our education system.

H/T Last Tradition

Friday, July 1, 2011

Very powerful stuff from Bill Whittle on the culture. It's worth the time to watch.

I can hear the sound of hippy heads exploding!

This makes me happy.. even if its not true, just throwing it out there is total awesomeness.  Hey, old hippies, the 60's are over and your hero deserted you before he died!    Maybe you should grow up and get a clue like he did!

John Lennon a Republican?

And of course, Iowahawk offers his take on the matter. Read it, it's hilarious!

Lennon songs with Republican lyrics!

Really, firefighters union, really?

These people show their true colors over and over again.... the unions are about themselves and their own power and damnation to those who disagree.

Firefighters Union refuses 9-11 float over union issue

Stop the unions!