Monday, July 30, 2012

Deep thoughts

Something else that's been on my mind is the combination of factors and people threatening our safety, prosperity, and way of life.  Right now,  the ongoing threat of Islamic terrorism is still there. It has not gone away, despite the death of bin Laden.   Obviously, collectivists and socialists, along with the ragtag bunch of anarchists and freaks that make up the "Occupy" movement are another huge threat.  Many people I know, particularly in my church,  are waiting for the day when the "religious right" takes over and enforces their will on the rest of us.  I wonder if we've been looking at this the wrong way.

We assume that because we are told that people will do this in the name of God, that it will be people who worship the same God as us.  Maybe not.    The Christian Right in this country is the last safe group to mock and ridicule, as well as to try and shut out of the public square.    Other religions are ok, as that is "diversity".   We are not exposed to the truth about Islam.   Leftists have some strange tolerance, even reverence toward Islam, despite the fact that it is a brutal religion toward women and gays, 2 of their favorite "victim" groups. 

Both the left and Islamists have no qualms about violence and mayhem in the pursuit of their goals.  In Islam, it is acceptable to lie, steal, cheat, whatever you need to do in the name of allah (see taquiya).   Leftists think the same way  (see Alinsky, for starters).    Buckets of blood have been spilled at the hands of Islamists and leftist leaders in the last century, not at the hands of right-wingers, despite what the popular media would have you think. 

What if these 2 seemingly opposing forces combined to form a different type of movement that would kill in the name of "God" or Allah or Gaia or whatever?   Neither group has any scruples about lying or using others to accomplish their goals... or about using force and violence to achieve them.  There are so many movements and efforts to take away our freedoms, from soda bans and hiding of infant formula in NYC to Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.  Businesses are punished and pressured to abandon their religious beliefs in the name of "tolerance".  Bands of young people are forming large groups of people who swarm and rob stores (the recent clothing store in Illinois is just one example),   In elections, there has been rampant and flagrant irregularities and fraud.   There is an increasing sense of lawlessness, class envy and racial tension.   Things will come to a head at some point.    I wonder about some of the major players in all this, unions, leftists, terrorists, anarchists.  What would they do in order to establish their utopia?  Its something we need to be watchful of so as not to be focusing on the wrong bogeyman.  Just food for thought.

Something is about to hit the fan.  Are we ready?

Its Been a Long Time...

Took an extended break from blogging, but after resorting to political posting on Facebook again, decided maybe to try my hand at blogging again.  Too much going on to ignore.  People are gearing up for an ugly election season.  

Obama prepares for war against US citizens

People who think he is merely misguided are dangerously naive.  This man has been groomed from infancy to do what he is doing. i.e. "fundamentally transform America"/  He sure is.  It is becoming more unrecongnizable every day.  This is not accidental.  It is malicious and calculated.   He foments racial tension and class warfare.