Friday, February 8, 2013

The Real Problem

Seems I can't blog consistently...  inspiration comes and goes, I guess.  I've been meaning to write another post about the election-more analysis-since November, and here we are in February.   So many things have happened in between, but the more I think about it, the it seems to me that they are all connected.  The same ills that cause Obama's re-election are the same ills behind  Sandy Hook, Benghazi, drone strikes, crime, and any other social problem you care to mention.

Our problems as a society are great and too many of us, myself included at times, look to politics for the solutions, when the reality is that our politics are a reflection of where we are at as a people.  We elect and re-elect these people!  As a student of prophecy, I fully expect things to get worse.  The writing is on the wall, so to speak.  Yeah, I know people have been saying "the end is near" forever, but have we ever had the ability to destroy ourselves in the way we do now, on a worldwide level?   We have nuclear weapons, drones, satellites and technology to track people wherever they go.  There won't be anywhere to hide when tyranny comes, and it will come.  Meanwhile,we are busy attacking each other as conservatives.   The answer isn't in politicians. 

We lost the election in November,  not because Romney wasn't a good candidate or the campaign was lousy or many other reasons people claim.  Granted, he wasn't ideal and his campaign made some mistakes, but I believe there is no candidate we could have put out there who could have won.  We are battling a degraded, confused, and selfish culture; a left wing media who lie and cover up for liberals and go out of their way to portray conservatives in a negative light and twist our message; an entertainment business that does the same; the scourge of political correctness; years of leftist infiltration into all levels of education, the list goes on, but we cannot forget an ignorant, ill informed and apathetic populace.    The obstacles are daunting and overwhelming.   We have let the left define us and we cannot seem to present our message effectively.  We have lost the culture.  This is the problem.

Lost the culture?  Yes, we have.  God is openly mocked, as are \His followers, but don't you dare speak against pre marital sex or homosexuality.  Masculinity is derided.  We don't value life.  Millions of babies are aborted every year and euthanasia isn't far away.  Traditional values are laughed at as "old fashioned".  Take a look at TV, movies, music-all of it, with a critical eye.  Once you see the bias and the mockery, you become more and more aware of it.  I can't enjoy most entertainment anymore ,which actually is as it should be.   Our culture is filled with self-gratification, sex, violence, frivolity.   Traditional values are gone.   We have lost our moral compass and there is no right and wrong.

Our freedoms are under attack and I believe the left will not stop until they get what they want.  They control the media, the education system and they have the loyalty of the masses of people who live off the largess of the taxpayers.   Political correctness has already made people fear speaking out.  Government regulations control more and more details of our lives and our business every day.  The push for gun control is strong and will get stronger at any time something happens.  American citizens abroad are being killed without due process by our own government.  We have a president who turns his back while muslims attack our embassy and who has no qualms about using drones to target and kill people-without due process .  He has no respect for the Constitution or the rule of law.  The left is about power and controlling people.   Things are escalating rapidly. 

Our economy is a mess.  Look at the numbers.  There is no good way out of the mess.  We are past the tipping point.   We have a significant portion of the population who receive government benefits, many of whom are products of generations of welfare recipients.  We have many young people with worthless college degrees and no real skills or work ethic.  Our debt, deficit, and spending are out of control.    The collapse is inevitable.  What always follows is despotism.  When despotism comes to America,  there will be no free countries left and no voice for the people.  Religious persecution will follow.    These are all parts of a larger whole.  None of the issues we face are isolated. 

I'm not sure what all I was trying to say with this post, maybe its a little disjointed.  Looking at it, it seems depressing.    The bottom line is-its time to start looking at ourselves, our relationship with God, what we are doing to combat evil, and are we prepared to die for our beliefs?    If you are forced to obey the government or obey God's word, which will you choose?  Do you really know what God' word says?   Politics is not the answer to what ails us as a nation, and we've gone too far to go back as a nation.  The wheels are in motion.   I feel sad and hopeless, knowing how many people are going to suffer and be lost and also wondering about my own ability to withstand the persecution.  I'm not who I should be.  Watching people turn their backs on God and embrace evil is heartbreaking.   I need to remember what is at the end of all of this, when the question of sin is answered once and for all.  No more sickness or death or pain and to see God.    This needs to be my hope.... and yours.  Meanwhile, speak the truth, respectfully as possible, and help those around you see. 

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